Balsam, Pine, and Cedar Hand Balm


This deeply nourishing hand balm works to restore your dry and irritated skin, and protect it from exposure to harsh external elements.


Key Ingredients

Shea butter: Our hand balm is made from 25% shea butter, which is one of the most deeply nourishing natural ingredient. Shea butter is a good source of Vitamin A, which helps to protect the skin and fight against eczema, sunburns or any kind of blemishes.

Coconut oil: This oil has surprising moisturizing and soothing properties for the skin. This oil is quickly absorbed by the skin and has anti-aging properties because it naturally stimulates collagen production.

Apricot oil: This oil is amazing for sensitive or dry skins. Very rich and full of vitamins, it improves skin elasticity, nourish deeply and gives a natural glow. 


How to Use

Massage a small amount of our balm on your hands, when needed.

* This product is very rich and does not contain water; a small amount is enough!


About the Brand

BKIND products are designed and made in Montreal, Canada, using the finest natural ingredients that provide the most benefit for all skin types. This microbiologist-founded brand holds consciousness as a core value, creating high quality products that are good for consumer and planet. BKIND products are always vegan and cruelty-free and 2% of sales are donated to shelters or organizations helping animals!