Classic Crew Neck Sweatshirt



This crew neck sweatshirt is a classic design with bold prints. Easy to pull on, but so comfy you may not want to take it off. Made from upcycled sweatshirt remnants in our zero waste process and hand-printed with this season’s two new designs: mushrooms and canyons.


This zero waste upcycled garment is made from sweater-fleece offcuts, just like your favorite sweatshirt. These up-cycled textiles include a blend of plant-based natural fibers and synthetic fibers.

About The Brand:

Tonlé is a zero waste, ethical fashion brand that creates handmade clothing and accessories signed by their Cambodian makers. 80% of their natural dyes come from edible materials like soymilk, turmeric, and lemon. Designer and founder Rachel Faller designs all of tonlé's prints which are hand-printed using non-toxic water based inks & natural dye paste inks. Tonlé uses deadstock fabric and recycled materials sourced from remnant markets where large manufacturers bring discarded off-cuts. Unique handmade touches add an element of beauty to many of tonlé’s products.