Lana Handwoven Cotton Knot Shirt


Made from traditional handwoven fabric from Yogyakarta, Central Java called "Lurik" which mean stripes. This top is a beautiful multi-season staple. Wear it with a pair of linen shorts in the Summer or some classic jeans in the Fall. Features details like intricate buttons, a v-neck, a pocket, and a tie front.


• Weaved in Yogyakarta, sewn in Bali.
• 100% Indonesian Cotton
• Upcycled Shell buttons
• Artisan-made
• Biodegradable
• made with 100% natural fibers
• Hand wash only

 About The Brand:

Created by Ida Ayu Helga, A Balinese woman based in California, Brunna Co. works with local artisans in Bali to create their traditional Indonesian inspired designs. Utilizing locally sourced natural materials, each of their items are handmade by Indonesian artisans, mostly women, working from the comfort of their own homes.