Rahisi Horn Necklace


The simplicity of our Rahisi Necklace is its greatest strength. With a striking double brass line inlayed in natural horn, this necklace is one of our most versatile pieces.

The bone used in our pieces is upcycled, collected from local farmers who would otherwise discard it. Nomadic tribes in Kenya view each piece of an animal as sacred, and our artisans craft each piece as a sign of respect towards the animal. 

Note: Due to the nature of the materials, each piece may differ in color and/or texture.

Adjustable. Length varies from 17 in to 19 in.


About the Brand:

Jimani Collections started off as a small group of Kenyan women taking a short class to learn about basic jewelry making skills. With the help of many dedicated people, Jimani Collections grew from a one week class to an ongoing training and design entity. They seek to create a sustainable solution poverty by working with women who have experienced harsh conditions and offering them employment and education within product design and product creation.